Amazing and Effective LifeCell All-In-One Anti-Aging Cream

You look in the mirror every morning.  Every day, those lines get deeper, and your skin sags more and more.  Why?  How can you stop it?  Surgery is expensive and can be dangerous.  Every cream that promises a miracle falls short.  And every time you toss another jar of useless cream in the garbage, the hopelessness sinks in a little bit deeper.

Don’t despair.  There is a real, scientific reason for skin aging.  And fortunately, there’s also a real, scientific solution to that reason.  Once you understand the science, you’ll see the possibilities of LifeCell All-in-one Anti-aging cream.

What Causes Skin to Age?

When we’re young, our bodies produce a compound called dithiolane-3-pentanoic acid, or D3PA.  This naturally occurring compound is what brings life to our skin.  It activates nitric oxide, which causes increased blood flow by dilating the capillaries.  This in turn brings more oxygen to the skin cells, making them stronger and healthier.  Unfortunately, as we age, our bodies produce less D3PA.

This is what really brings our skin’s youthful look down.  As the blood flow to the skin slows, the cells lose their vitality.  And from there, lines and blemishes form where healthy, smooth skin once stood.  The discovery of D3PA’s connection to nitric oxide was groundbreaking, and led people to see the possibility of an anti-aging serum.

So the real question is; how can we stop the decrease of D3PA production in our bodies so that our skin keeps receiving its necessary amounts of nitric oxide?

Let’s Boost Nitric Oxide

Three brilliant scientists; Ferid Murad, Louis Ignarro, and Robert Furchgott, discovered nitric oxide in 1998.  This compound quickly became hugely important in cardiac medicine.  However, the dermatological community soon made the correlation between nitric oxide’s dilating effects and our skin’s loss of firmness.

The only problem is that the skin can’t directly absorb nitric oxide.  However, as we mentioned earlier, D3PA actually activates nitric oxide through the skin.  Even better: D3PA can be absorbed through the skin.  When applied directly to the skin, D3PA sets of a chain reaction that results in expanded capillaries and increased oxygen in the skin.  It is the perfect solution to dull, aging skin.

So what’s the best way to deliver D3PA directly to our skin?

Enter: LifeCell

 The LifeCell cream is not the only product on the market to harness the power of nitric oxide.  With such an amazing compound available, of course everyone is trying to use and perfect it.  However, LifeCell set itself apart.  Unlike other products, LifeCell employs the use of seven different ingredients, each as potent as the next, in order to firm and tighten skin to its maximum potential.

What are the seven ingredients?  Let’s take a look:

  • Retinol -Pure vitamin A.  There’s a reason you hear it in every commercial.  It is incredibly powerful and can single handedly repair and revitalize skin cells.  It is very important in creating the youthful look that we strive for in our skin.
  • Dermaxyl – Retinol’s best friend and supporter, dermaxyl is a peptide that enhances the effectiveness of retinol.  It is less irritating than retinol, so it can balance out any negative effects of the first ingredient by reducing the concentration of retinol in the formula.
  • Ubiquinone – Perhaps the strongest antioxidant out there, ubiquinone boosts our production of collagen and elastin, as well as other compounds responsible for skin vitality.  Why inject collagen into your skin when you can simply tell your body to make more?
  • Hyaluronic Acid – With all the different ingredients in LifeCell, the skin is under stress that it is not used to.  Hyaluronic acid helps to counteract that stress by creating a soothing level of moisture in the skin: not too dry, not too oily.  It can also make the skin appear fuller, which only aids the smoothing effects of LifeCell.
  • Deanol – Another amazing firming agent, deanol is particularly useful in lifting the eyelids.  The thin skin around our eyes is usually the first to go, but with deanol you won’t have to worry about that dreaded sag that plagues us all.
  • DMAE – In the same chain as deanol, DMAE smooths wrinkles and fine lines.  Unlike deanol, its usefulness is targeted in the cheeks and neck.  It is a clinically proven compound, and is a hugely important part of LifeCell.
  • Ascorbyl Palmitate – This ingredient is another pure form of a vitamin – this time vitamin C.  It works with ubiquinone to produce collagen, which firms skin to look more youthful and healthy.  It is also pivotal in blocking those nasty free radicals that are constantly aging our skin.

These seven ingredients meld together to form the most powerful and effective skin-saver on the market: LifeCell All-in-one Anti-aging cream.

The Power of Science

Now that we’ve gone through the science behind skin, it’s easy to see why LifeCell is so effective.  Never before has a single cream done so much.  And the best part is that LifeCell doesn’t try to trick you with any complex compounds or useless pseudoscience.  It is simple, straightforward, and effective.

So you can go out and buy all the different potions and snake oils you like, but in the end, science will overcome salesmanship.  It’s not about what looks or sounds the best, it’s about what works.  And once you try LifeCell, you’ll see that it actually delivers on the promises it makes.  Try it out, and you’ll never go back to your old skin care regimen.

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